The Catskee 375 has been designed with SAFETY and VERSATILITY as high priorities. Our boats are intended to be enjoyed and with proper care will give years of safe boating. The craft is packed with safety features some obvious and others more subtle – In Brief:

  1. Stiffened impact areas.
  2. Structural wood free floor.
  3. Sealed hull compartment.
  4. Non-slip wet deck with scuppers.
  5. Foamed, protected buoyancy.
  6. Under floor cabling – no obstacles.
  7. High gunwales and splash well.
  8. Rounded deck corners.
  9. Long internal hatch for gaffs, rods with hooks etc – creates a safe deck environment.
  10. Dedicated and insulated fuel supply system.
  11. Dedicated electric area and routing.
  12. Superb stability.
  13. Spray deflecting hull design.
  14. Capsize ropes.

An explanation of these points follows:

  • The hull has increased strength in the obvious impact areas to resist through hull damage should an object be struck. Keel strips are available as an optional extra.
  • The chine mounted wood free floor has an integral structure below it to keep the craft rigid and transfer stresses and shock equally throughout the craft and avoid high stress point loading. It is also a lot lighter in weight than a wood alternative and will not rot. This floor forms a compartment between the deck and hull keeping deck water away from entering any hull area.
  • The large gunwale hatches allow the stowing of fishing rods and gaffs so all sharp or dangerous items are out of sight and harms way especially for surf launching.
  • Two large self sealing scuppers allow the fast flow of deck water out of the craft and keep the deck dry.
  • Two sets of flotation blocks poured into thick polyethylene bags (urethane foam well above 60% Category E,D and C requirement) are situated in the two hull voids and thus are not adhered to the hull. It also creates air channels between the bag and the hull which allows water to flow past the bags to the drain plugs should a leak become evident. This provides a longer life to the foam and reduces the risk of any water absorption by the foam. Equally small leaks can be immediately found evident by removing the drain plugs when trailered. Often, where water cannot flow freely to the drain plugs, foam can absorb water from minor leaks and result in the boat becoming heavier, slower and less controllable without the evidence being shown through the drain plugs! ( A Buoyancy Certificate is included in all new boat orders as per Annex 5 – page 57 SAMSA Marine Notice 13 of 2007.)
  • The entire deck has non slip surfaces and the deck area is clear of all cabling and obstacles – this is all routed below the floor allowing a safe crew area.
  • The splash well at the rear contains all motor cabling, piping and prevents any water ingress to the deck from the transom area.
  • All deck area corners are rounded to prevent injury whilst the high gunwales (minimum 390mm from floor) help prevent falling out especially when standing - (Safe for children)
  • The fuel box is completely separate from the electrical compartment being the consol. Fuel lines are triple insulated from the hull area by means of the fuel piping running through a second plastic pipe which in turn runs through a fiberglass enclosed capped area under the floor – for fuel to leak into the hull three conditions would need to be breached all below the floor itself! Electric cabling and control cables run via enclosed piping from the consol, under the floor to re emerge in the gunwale hatch area.
  • At 1.6 meter beam with 915mm hull centers the craft offers exceptional stability both in the port/starboard and bow/stern directions which is very forgiving especially when used by multiple persons.
  • The large set down on the first chines deflect water downwards keeping spray away from the boat  and providing lift to the hull resulting in a drier ride and better visibility both front and sideways for the skipper. Photos in the gallery show this.
  • Tow points and capsize ropes (required by law) are standard on all Catskee 375 models.

The water is a very unforgivable place and all too often accidents occur that were wholly avoidable and down to human actions and decisions. Three golden rules apply to helping create a safe boating environment namely:

  • Always keep your craft in perfect working condition – (a car which has a known fault may mishap often without dire consequences however boats tend to leave catastrophic or fatal consequences) A small crack or slightly stiff component should NEVER be overlooked!
  • Never launch a boat unless you feel 100% comfortable to do so – listen to the little voice inside your conscience – NOT the pressure from crew or others!
  • Use basic common sense at all times – you should feel comfortable, relaxed and in control of the boat and yourself at all times. All too often the cause of accidents can be traced back to the skipper’s choices and subsequent actions. Boats don’t have brakes and are limited by many factors – don’t find yourself in an avoidable situation where instant regret comes to mind – you have choices – realize the responsibility of these prior to using a boat on water!

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