Length - (3.75 meters) or 12’ 2”   Beam – 1600mm   Draught at 150kg payload – 240mm (hull) 
Hull dry weight – 200 kilograms.    Min Horsepower – 15HP   Max Horsepower – 2 x 20 HP or 1 x 40 HP. 
Max transom loading – 120 kilograms.     Max Capacity – Sea -3 persons. Dam – 4 persons.
Max capacity (surf launch) – 1 x 15HP – one person, 1 x 25HP – 2 persons, 1 x 40 HP or 2 x 15 HP – 3 persons.
Gunwale height max (from floor) - 520 mm  Gunwale height Min (from floor) - 390 mm.

Hull / deck – made from GRP with load bearing areas and impact areas strengthen with CSM and roving. Flat areas are stiffened with coremat in a sandwich lay-up with the bow u-bolt mounting area further reinforced with GRP backing plate. Transom is constructed by a sandwich of marine ply sealed under GRP. Consult us for available color choices.

Storage/hatches – self draining anchor hatch – choice of up to 6 other hatch accesses to large gunwale hatch – dedicated fuel box fits 2 x 24 liter fuel tanks – fishing rods and spear guns of up to about 3 meters can fit within hatch area. Partitions can be installed to customer choice to segregate hatch areas.

Buoyancy – approx 450 - 480 liters approved polyurethane foam poured into PE bags which allows water to flow past the foam to the drain plugs and further prevents foam absorbing water – this allows for a maximum total weight of boat, motors and crew/kit /fuel of 800 kgs (60% offshore regulations) – assuming hull 240kgs with fittings + motors 120 kgs + fuel 50 kgs +3 crew (@ 75 kgs each) 225kgs this leaves 165 kgs for kit and catch. Additionally as discussed in Safety page, by pouring foam into Polyethylene bags this allows water flow past the bags and prevents the absorption of water. This has obvious safety and longevity features. (SEE Safety Page)

Floor – Wood free floor made from composite sandwich layering with additional GRP load bearing backbone structure as an integral component. This ensures wood rot / delaminating will not occur and provides a load and stress transferring structure which adds structural strength to the craft.

Consol with windscreen and shelf - suits battery/electronic installations and some tackle housing plus personal items eg keys, phones, firearms etc. It houses all controls and cables which are enclosed within the consol and run under floor to re emerge through the gunwale hatch area.

Livebait well / keepbox – approx 40 liters situated in splash well area fitted with window, drainage plugs and overflow apertures. A velocity pick up or bilge pump for filling are optional extras. Stores livebait or live catch like bass etc.

Trailer –breakneck as standard for beach use. Trailers are fully galvanized with 8 polyurethane rollers , lights, number plate holder, all reflectors / tape, hand winch, jockey wheel , coupler, safety chain, all boat tie downs and license disc holder. No RWC is required – costs of initial registration, annual license and number plate are for customers account.
Most boat/trailer/motor combinations are below 480 kgs gross so can be towed by a small vehicle. This trailer is for light duty tar road (and limited dirt road use) in SA however off road Mozambique type versions are available – costs dependant on specs.

Extra Standard fittings – a 10 mm u bolt fore in the tunnel and 8mm u bolt aft in the tunnel used for towing and trailering, capsize rope fitted between these u bolts, two 48mm ball type scuppers on transom, dual drain plugs on hull, Samson post and bow roller.

Power Options – Only long shaft (508mm) motors can be used. Contact us for the list of available options. Please supply your requirements IRO 2 or 4 stroke, electric start or manual, manual lift or power lift etc or let us offer a list of options with pricing.

Optional extras – Stainless Steel Set (includes 2 x roll bars, 1 x consol grab rail and 2 x bow rails), rod holders, safety bottle and cage holder, canopy, boat / motor covers, fish finders, radios, music systems, safety equipment, navigation lights, motor collection / install and water testing, keel strips, livebait well pump / pickup, luna tubes, roll bar mounted rod holders etc.

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